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Our introduction blurbs that took forever to do:

Emma (iemcanadian)
I live in Calgary, Alberta but I'm originally from Vancouver, B.C. I'm a full time student, in my first year of taking general studies. I also have a part time job selling cupcakes. I love country music, going to the movies, and watching football.

My family tried to convert me to hockey when I was a little kid, but I hated it because the arena's were too noisy. When I was in 9th grade, I was forced to watch it at a birthday party, and thanks to Markus Naslund's sexiness, I was interested. Immediately I started learning more about the sport and forgetting about Nazzy, and I guess the rest is history. I'm primarily a Canucks fan, but anyone who knows me knows that I hurl abuse at them (particularly Luongo) on a regular basis. I also like the Calgary Flames (shut up), the Toronto Maple Leafs (shut up again), and the Vancouver Giants. I watch as much NHL hockey as I can, but I follow the CHL and the KHL a little bit too, plus the AHL since that's where our future lies! My favourite all-time players are Todd Bertuzzi, Artem Chubarov, Martin Brodeur, Brent Burns and Tie Domi.

Ivy (solookup)
I'm a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University (BA in Geography, History minor) and currently unemployed. I listen to (a lotof ) music, watch (a lot of) tv, and write (not a lot of) fanfic. I also watch baseball and basketball (not really). My first and foremost team is Vancouver Canucks (and Vancouver Giants). I have other favourites but that's not important.

I didn't get into hockey until the 2001-ish, but I did attend two games back when the Canucks sucked (both losses, first to Calgary, then to Edmonton) because my aunt had tickets from her company (which I did end up working at said company but sadly, no more tickets by that time). I do remember hating on the orca when they switched from the skate logo. I also did catch the score from newspaper, etc. I just never was into watching the game because my tv is always occupied. I'm secured enough to say that I watched it for Dan Cloutier back then and yes I did like him as a goalie. And no, I do not appreciate seeing him with a beach ball after FOUR YEARS of him being gone from the team.

May (_strayedcaution)
I’m a 3rd year health science student at Simon Fraser University. When I’m not a student, I’m a laboratory technician at PRL. And when I’m not any of those, I’m a WWII history junkie, a book lover, an amateur photographer and of course, a hockey fan (Go Canucks Go!).

I started watching hockey during the 2001-2002 season. My first hockey experience EVER was at a Columbus Blue Jackets and Canucks game in February. My mom had tickets from work but she couldn’t go to the game and so I went with my sister. I went into GM Place wondering how I got dragged into going but left wondering when my next game would be. The experience was amazing and it still is with every visit to GM Place.
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